Our Vision

Almurid Export and Import Co. Ltd We seek to be the Premier Organization with ability of supplying all kinds of Products & Materials with our own Logistics Worldwide.

Our Mission

To deliver highest quality produce at the least time and at very competitive prices and be the essential link in the distribution chain of fresh vegetables and fruits all over the world,Read More


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*Chemical materials
*Raw Material

Almurid Export and Import Co. Ltd – Kenya 

Almurid is one of the leading multi modal exporters of agribusiness products specialising mostly in the exportation of fruits, vegetables , flowers. We export to UAE, Europe, America, African countries and Asia. Almurid gets better markets for small scale farmers . This will give independent farmers and cooperatives ability to sell their farm produce easily. Read More

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Almurid Export and Import Products

Animals Feeds

Our animal feed is sourced from across Kenya, we work with nutrition animal feed farmers, who give us the best animal feed for specific type of animal. Our leading animal feed are: Alfafa ( Lucerne) Boma rodes Silage ( combination of baby maize, sorghum, wheat and millet) Barley    

Livestock Export

Livestock Exporters in Kenya Almurid biggest livestock exporter is the middle east . We export different breeds of sheeps like : The dorper and black head camels.

Fresh Cutflowers

Horticultural Products Cutflowers - Our major cutflower exports from Kenya include: Roses, Carthamus, Cuttings, Cut-foliage, Carnations, Statice, Alstroemeria, etc

Processed Horticultural Products

Processed horticultural Products Exports of value added horticultural exports have been on the increase. This is as a result of increasing demand for natural foods as health consciousness increases among the consumers both in Kenya and the region. The main products under this category include canned pineapples, juices of mangoes, passion fruits and pineapples, canned [...]

Fresh Vegetables

Farm Fresh Vegetables Vegetables - The main product is the French (green) beans. However, the importance of other vegetables for export such as sugar snaps, snow peas and runner beans have increased. Other vegatables for export include the Asian vegetables such as Okra, Karela, dudhi, chilli and aurbergine.

Herbs and Spices

Herbs and Spices Due to increased health awareness by consumers worldwide -, consumption of herbs and spices has increased. Kenya has been exporting herbs and spices for decades and the demand for these products is bound to increase. The types of herbs we  export from Kenya include lemon grass, basil, dill, sweet Marjaram, oregano, parsley, [...]


Tea Kenya is the largest tea exporter in the world due to its premium black variety. In 2016, it supplied 27 percent of the total global sale. We export the following grades: Best Broken Ones (BP1), Best Brighter Pekeo Fanning Ones (BF1). There are other grades like Pekeo Dusts (PD) and Dusts (D1). Almurid  Black [...]

Fresh Fruits

Fresh Fruits This is the third category of the fresh horticultural products we exports from Kenya. Major fruit export products include: avocadoes, mangoes, pineapples, passion fruits, bananas, and strawberry.

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